Monday, April 18, 2011

In the process...

The students have projected their picutures, traced the outline, and are moving on to using pen and ink to fill their spaces. Some are more interested in the project than others, but everyone seems to be moving in the right direction, be it at their own pace.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

What's next?

Shaun- So, I've used the projector to draw an outline of my face. I shaded the dark spots. What should I do next? John

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Trial Run Continued

Shaun- Great post. I loved seeing the progression. The work is so natural and flowing, but at the same time not. It's hard to imagine being able to create this from nothing but your mind, a pen, and piece of paper. So.. I've continued to work on my large project. I completed the detailed pen and ink quarter fairly quickly. I began by working on the hair with fine lines, thickening the outline of the face and filling in the scarf with a repeating pattern of circles with a center dot which gradually got smaller as they moved further away from the center. I struggle with how to do the shading. A student suggested stippling - dots - to complete this portion of the picture. I did, and loved it. It was very relaxing. I started to work on the painting portion of my project, but quickly ran into challenges (I'm laughing as I write this). I only had one brush, which collected more paint than it dispersed. My initial color choices (yellows and purples) seemed to alarm the students. The comment about being a Vikings fan was the one that made me re-examine my color direction. After several paint-overs Barbara's face has ended up looking more like a map, which is OK with me. She has definitely changes my world views, so maybe her face as a map is like a Freudian slip of the paint brush. I've also been working on the first two assignments - facial tattoos and pattern/design squares. As I worked on these, I realized the importance of doing these BEFORE the large project :). They were both enjoyable - almost relaxing. The students were definitely interested in the faces - good choices Shaun.

I'm a bit nervous about the blog and organization. Should we be writing in strands, or just continue to add to the posts? Any thoughts Jenea and Shaun?

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Art Projection


Lets get started. The first thing you want to do is find a photograph of someone that you think is interesting. Like someone from history, entertainment, family or someone you just discovered. Be prepared to discuss why you chose who did. Note: If you want to do a self portrait, I will take your picture in class, unless you have your own. I did a general search for chinese girl, I found this image. It has really detailed eyes and the contrast is blown out, so there is plenty of room to get creative.

Next, you will have several options to choose from to get your image on your drawing board.

One is freehand, just drawing it right on artboard with pencil. Remember to draw lightly as the line you use will later be erased or covered over in ink. The other method is projection. Which we will do in class. There is also the grid technique, where you divide your image into a grid, and then draw each grid square one at a time..this will also be explained in class. Another thing to consider is how you crop your image. This involves you deciding how much of your reference image you actually want to use.

You will see where my pencil lines are, and then where I have traced over with ink. I do not put too much details down in pencils, instead I just sort of mark the edges or boundaries. Then once that is done I start to embelish the design. This is me roughly 1/3 thru this process. I will post future images as this project continues forward. I look forward to seeing you in class and starting our project.

This is just a teaser..we will get more in depth in class. The main thing is to have fun and remember that there are no rules really in being creative though tere are helpful guidelines, and only instructions to smooth things out and give you some guides and reference.

Note: it is not my intent to draw an exact replica of my image, I want to make it more unique and add my own sense and style of design to it.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Trial Run

Jenea, Shaun and I have decided that a blog would be a great way to document student growth as well as interact with Shaun when he's not in the building to providing direct instruction. It also gives us a bit of leeway as far as scheduling goes; students can work on their projects when they have time during their day, not just in the hours we designate.

As part of the Residency, the hosting teacher is required to work through the process before the students. After I met with Shaun to discuss possible ways of completing my project, I began by exploring the elements and principles of art using the Frayer model of vocabulary expansion. This gave me a basic idea of what I was working with and/or toward. My next step was to play with my tools a bit. I spent an evening sketching the different members of my family - faces, feet, hands and personal items. The next morning I found a picture of Barbara Kingsolver - a favorite writer of mine. The Xerox machine at school was used to transfer this photo onto a transparency, which I then projected onto my drawing board and traced with pencil. Next, I quartered the picture - one quarter remained a simple pencil sketch, another showed a bit of development as a pen sketch, a third (which I'm on now) will be a more detailed pen sketch, and the four quarter will use color. The intention of the quartered picuture was to show the four major steps in the project.

I have the picture set up in the classroom and work on it a bit each hour or between classes. The kids seem interested - naturally, some more than others. Over all there are a lot of positive interactions around/about the art. It's definitely reassuring.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ely Memorial High School to host local artist, Shaun Chosa

Ely Memorial High School will host teaching artist, Shaun Chosa, through VSA Minnesota's Artists-in-Residence Grant Program. Shaun, a local artist and founder of the Ely Art Group, will work closely with Special Education teacher Ms. Amanda Solum to provide students with enriched experiences that support the school's curriculum. VSA Minnesota works in partnership with schools around the state to make it possible for professional artists to come into the classroom.

Fifteen students in Ms. Solum's class will have the opportunity to engage in creative activities exploring portrait drawing through hands-on activities. Shaun will share his passion for pen and ink work along with exploration of acrylic painting.

Stay tuned,  to find out more about the students’ showcase of what they have learned!

This opportunity has been made possible in part by VSA - The International Organization on Arts and Disability, the Minnesota Department of Education, the Minnesota State Arts Board and support funds from Ely Public Schools.

"Native Son - My Name is Nobody"  by Shaun Chosa, Wicked Son Designs