Friday, March 18, 2011

Trial Run

Jenea, Shaun and I have decided that a blog would be a great way to document student growth as well as interact with Shaun when he's not in the building to providing direct instruction. It also gives us a bit of leeway as far as scheduling goes; students can work on their projects when they have time during their day, not just in the hours we designate.

As part of the Residency, the hosting teacher is required to work through the process before the students. After I met with Shaun to discuss possible ways of completing my project, I began by exploring the elements and principles of art using the Frayer model of vocabulary expansion. This gave me a basic idea of what I was working with and/or toward. My next step was to play with my tools a bit. I spent an evening sketching the different members of my family - faces, feet, hands and personal items. The next morning I found a picture of Barbara Kingsolver - a favorite writer of mine. The Xerox machine at school was used to transfer this photo onto a transparency, which I then projected onto my drawing board and traced with pencil. Next, I quartered the picture - one quarter remained a simple pencil sketch, another showed a bit of development as a pen sketch, a third (which I'm on now) will be a more detailed pen sketch, and the four quarter will use color. The intention of the quartered picuture was to show the four major steps in the project.

I have the picture set up in the classroom and work on it a bit each hour or between classes. The kids seem interested - naturally, some more than others. Over all there are a lot of positive interactions around/about the art. It's definitely reassuring.

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