Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Trial Run Continued

Shaun- Great post. I loved seeing the progression. The work is so natural and flowing, but at the same time not. It's hard to imagine being able to create this from nothing but your mind, a pen, and piece of paper. So.. I've continued to work on my large project. I completed the detailed pen and ink quarter fairly quickly. I began by working on the hair with fine lines, thickening the outline of the face and filling in the scarf with a repeating pattern of circles with a center dot which gradually got smaller as they moved further away from the center. I struggle with how to do the shading. A student suggested stippling - dots - to complete this portion of the picture. I did, and loved it. It was very relaxing. I started to work on the painting portion of my project, but quickly ran into challenges (I'm laughing as I write this). I only had one brush, which collected more paint than it dispersed. My initial color choices (yellows and purples) seemed to alarm the students. The comment about being a Vikings fan was the one that made me re-examine my color direction. After several paint-overs Barbara's face has ended up looking more like a map, which is OK with me. She has definitely changes my world views, so maybe her face as a map is like a Freudian slip of the paint brush. I've also been working on the first two assignments - facial tattoos and pattern/design squares. As I worked on these, I realized the importance of doing these BEFORE the large project :). They were both enjoyable - almost relaxing. The students were definitely interested in the faces - good choices Shaun.

I'm a bit nervous about the blog and organization. Should we be writing in strands, or just continue to add to the posts? Any thoughts Jenea and Shaun?

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